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WERMA is a leading manufacturer of optical and audible signal devices, often commonly referred to as Signal Towers or Stack Lights, Andon Lights, Beacons, Xenon Beacons, Sounders, Buzzers and Sirens. There is also a comprehensive range of Ex -Beacons and Sounders and signal devices suitable for many hazardous area applications. Using the latest technologies available, LED Beacons and warning lights serving as status lights protect and guide people and equipment in the modern world.

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Werma - Fabricant d'avertisseurs optiques et sonores

SafetySignalling SystemsSound EmittersSurveillance Equipment

Découvrez la gamme complète Werma d'avertisseurs optiques ) Leds, colonnes lumineuses, avertisseurs sonores, combinés sonores et lumineux, avertisseurs agréés ATEX et système de surveillance des machines sans fil (WIN).

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