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EL-USB-2 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Data AcquisitionData LoggersMetersRelative Humidity / TemperatureSensors & TransmittersSensors, TemperatureTest & MeasurementTest, Measurement & Laboratory Equipment

This data logger measures and stores up to 16,382 relative humidity and 16,382 temperature readings over 0 to 100%RH and -35 to +80°C (-31 to +176°F) measurement ranges. The user can easily set up the logging rate and start time, and download the stored data by plugging the module straight into a PCs USB port and running the purpose designed software under Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7. Relative humidity, temperature and dew point (the temperature at which water vapour present in the air begins to condense) data can then be graphed, printed and exported to other applications.

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EL-USB-1 Temperature Data Loggers

Data AcquisitionData LoggersSensors & TransmittersSensors, TemperatureTransmitters, Measurement

The EL-USB-1 is a USB temperature data logger with a measurement range of -35 to +80°C (-31 to +176°­­F). The data logger can store up to 16,382 readings and is supplied with a long-life replaceable lithium battery, allowing the unit to log data continually for at least one year (depending on logging rate and temperature). The status of EL-USB-1 is indicated by flashing red, green and orange LEDs. The data logger is protected against moisture to IP67 standard when the protective cap is fitted. The logged data stored in EL-USB-1 is downloaded via the configuration software. Once downloaded data can be graphed, printed or exported to other applications. The data logger configuration software is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

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TankJet® Tank Cleaning Products

Tools & MachinesCleaners

Choosing the best way to thoroughly clean your tanks while minimizing use of costly chemicals, water and manual labor can be challenging. There are several things you can do to maximize the performance of your tank cleaning equipment. We’ve included optimization tips and guidelines in this bulletin to help you achieve optimal cleaning efficiency.

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Spiral Bevel Gearboxes

Motors & DrivesFlangesGears

Performance Data for Spiral Bevel gearboxes : … Standard series, with hollow shafts, with different flange designs, with reinforced through shafts...

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Mechanical linear drive units - WIESEL™ SPEEDLine®

Motors & DrivesActuators

The SPEEDLine toothed belt drive is used for applications that require high speeds at average force and precision.

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Maximizing torque at desired speeds

Motors & DrivesControllers, DriveMotors, Stepper

Lin Engineering's line of step motors, drivers, controllers and accessories. Over the past decade, Lin Engineering has gained a tremendous amount of market share and earned a reputation as the “Leader in Step Motor Technology.” Why are more and more engineers choosing Lin Engineering?

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Precision chain systems for drive and conveyor purposes

Handling, Packaging, Storage and TransportationChains, HoistingConveyors

JWIS Roller chains are characterised by an above-average service life due to excellent wear resistance, high consistency, matchless precision and a considerably higher breaking strength and fatigue strength than required by DIN/ ISO standard. All iwis chains are pre-stretched and are provided with a highly efficient initial lubrication.

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Cable and Hose Carriers

Electromechanical ProductsCables and Equipment

Gortrac Open-Style carriers are constructed from steel for high strength and/or maximum unsupported spans. These steel cable carriers and steel hose carriers are available in a wide range of sizes and styles for a broad range of applications. Gortrac enclosed, link-style carriers utilize standard Gortrac link designs and removable armor plate style lids to offer rugged construction, accessibility, easy repair and length modification.

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Matériels pour la manutention, la collecte et le stockage

Handling, Packaging, Storage and TransportationPalletsStorage Equipment

Guide de choix: chariots, rayonnages, produits Kanban, palettes aluminium. ZARGES dispose d'une longue expérience dans le développement et la fabrication de produits logistiques pour l'industrie, le commerce, les pouvoirs publics, conformément aux exigences de qualité technologiques les plus élevées.

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Rack & Pinion Drive

Motors & DrivesDrivesGears

Our comprehensive product portfolio makes ideal powerful applications possible for a wide range of different branches: Machine tools - Drive and automation technology - Robotics and handling - Plastics and film processing machines - Woodworking machines...

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Site Monitoring & Control

Electromechanical ProductsTest & MeasurementMonitoring SystemsEnergy

The Site Monitoring & Control Solution from Heliocentris enables network operators to gain full transparency of their sites. Performance data as well as inputs from surveillance or alarm equipment are monitored by the Energy Manager installed on site. A Remote Access Server collects and processes the data of all sites, then sends alarms to the NOC and field personnel. Site data can be accessed through an easy-to-use browser web interface.

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PEI Octobre 2013 - Electricité & Connexion Industrielle - Efficacité Energétique

Electromechanical ProductsConnectorsElectronics / Electro OpticsElectronic SuppliesEnergy

PEI propose dans ce numéero un dossier spécial Electricité & Connexion Industrielle, et un Focus sur l’efficacité énergétique avec notamment une analyse de Siemens sur les possibilités d’optimisation des énergies renouvelables. Vous trouverez également le compte rendu d'une Rencontre de notre rédaction avec Thorsten Beitzel, Directeur Général d'igus France.

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Direct Drive Rotary Tables Planar ServoRing Series

AutomationIndustrial RobotsMotors & DrivesActuatorsComponents, MechanicalMotors, LinearMotors, Stepper

Direct drive (DDR) rotary tables eliminate backlash and provide a stiff mechanical system for highly dynamic applications. Integrated with precision bearings and ring encoders, these rotary tables provide ultimate performance in rotary indexing applications .

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Motors & DrivesMotors, Electric

This new catalogue is an essential tool for all the electro/mechanical R&D engineers as it shows the detailed range of stepper and brushless motors which attract a very competitive price. The excellent size/torque performance ratio of these motors allows for very accurate positioning and repeatability of position on all the applications. The catalogue includes new hybrid stepper motors, brushless motors and motors with integrated drives. As always, there is the possibility to customize shafts, coils, winding etc also for on small production quantities.

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Rembe`s Product Guide

AutomationPressure Regulators

The protection of industrial plants against pressure and vacuum is one of REMBE´s strengths. Bursting discs with the most different operating principles and breather valves provide process safety in the industrial production. Explosion protection safety devices form another pillar within the company. The product range covers all applications and industries, from standard products to special high-tech solutions, coupled with application expertise in all industries throughout the world. REMBE´s know-how ranges from development of customised solutions, active participation on international boards an committees, consulting as well as to research and development in all specialised fields of explosion protection.

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Catalogue Seculok 2013 - Interverrouillage SECUMS Interlocks

SafetySecurity Systems

Catalogue gamme Seculok 2013. Interverrouillage et sécurité des machines dangereuses. De nombreux produits innovants à la disposition des professionnels de l'industrie et au grand public.

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Electromechanical ProductsTransformer

Our company manufactures differents types of transformers in low voltage adapted according to the requeriments of the customers.

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Schnecken - Untersetzungsgetriebe Serie Box

Motors & DrivesGearsMotors, ElectricMotors, GearedSpeed Reducers

Worm Gear Box für industrielle Anwendungen. Druckguss alluminum bis Größe 90, Gusseisen ab Größe 110. Immer mit Öl bereitgestellt, geeignet, um in jedem Management als Standard montiert werden.

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Riduttori a vite senza fine BOX e pre-coppie STADIO IT

Motors & DrivesGearsMotors, ElectricSpeed Reducers

Scatola ingranaggi vite senza fine per applicazioni industriali. Pressofusione di alluminio fino alla grandezza 90, in ghisa dalla grandezza 110. Sempre fornito con l'olio, adatto per essere montato in qualsiasi gestione di serie.

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Réducteurs à vis sans fin série BOX et pré-étages STADIO

Motors & DrivesGearsMotors, ElectricSpeed Reducers

Worm Boîte de vitesse pour des applications industrielles. Fonte d'alluminium jusqu'à la taille 90, la fonte de la taille 110. Toujours fourni avec de l'huile, apte à être monté dans n'importe quelle direction en standard.

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