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Applimotion HO Series Nema 23 Brushless Motors

Motors & DrivesMotors, ElectricMotors, Geared

Applimotion Inc. introduces the HO series NEMA 23 slotted and slotless brushless motors with large through hole for Direct Drive rotary applications.

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Applied Motion Products Complete Catalog

AutomationFieldbus SystemsSoftware, AutomationMotors & DrivesAmplifiers, ServoControllers, DriveDrivesMotors, ElectricMotors, GearedSpeed ReducersMotors, Stepper

Applied Motion Products, founded in 1978, specializes in high-precision, cost-effective motion control products. Applied Motion serves a wide variety of industrial markets with a comprehensive offering of integrated motion control systems. This catalog includes information on- >Servo Drives & Motors >Stepper Drives & Motors >Position Controllers >Integrated Software >Precision Gearheads

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AMO GmbH Absolute Encoder Catalog

AutomationEncodersSensors & TransmittersSensors, PositionSensors, Others

AMO announces new absolute linear and angular encoders with IP 67 rating. The new ABSYS absolute encoders include all of the unique inductive encoder features that our incremental encoders have for harsh environments, such as very wide operating temperature envelope, ability to operate in high shock, vibration, and electromagnetic environments, but yet offer high accuracy, high resolution, and high speed.

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Solutions for quality, reliability, and technology

AutomationControlsHydraulics & PneumaticsValvesProcess & Thermal EquipmentControl Systems, ProcessIndustrial RegulatorsPressure Regulators

Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies brings together technology and engineering to provide an expanding array of innovative manufacturing and processing solutions for industrial, commercial, and consumer markets.

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Advanced Motion Controls Servo Amplifier Complete Catalog

AutomationFieldbus SystemsMotors & DrivesAmplifiers, ServoControllers, DriveDrives

Advanced Motion Controls' family of DigiFlex® Performance™ digital servo drives provide a wide range of options for servo system solutions. DigiFlex® Performance™ (DP) drives deliver peak power output from 1.5 to 27.4kW, and support an array of feedback options. Driving single phase, three phase, and closed loop vector motors with the ability to interface with both digital network commands and traditional ±10V analog commands, DP drives offer a versatile blend of cutting edge technology and proven results.

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Labfacility Product Focus in 6 languages

Data AcquisitionComputer Aided TechnologiesData Processing EquipmentData TransmittersData LoggersElectromechanical ProductsCables and EquipmentMetersAnemometerSensors & TransmittersSensors, HumiditySensors, TemperatureTransmitters, MeasurementTest & MeasurementTest, Measurement & Laboratory Equipment

A summary of Labfacility products published in 6 languages: Pages 1-2 = ENGLISH Pages 3-4 = FRENCH Pages 5-6 = GERMAN Pages 7-8 = SPANISH Pages 9-10 = ITALIAN Pages 11-12 = PORTUGUESE

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Environmental Temperature Sensors

Data AcquisitionData LoggersMetersRelative Humidity / TemperatureSensors & TransmittersSensors, TemperatureTransmitters, MeasurementTest & MeasurementMeasuring SystemsMonitoring SystemsTest, Measurement & Laboratory Equipment

A selection of Environmental Temperature Sensors for a wide range of applications: Room Temperature Sensor Ceiling Temperature Sensor Radiation Pendulum Temperature Sensor Room Radiation Temperature Sensor Outdoor Radiation Temperature Sensor Contacting Temperature Sensor with Clamping Band

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L300 8 Zone Temperature Alarm / Controller

Computer Aided TechnologiesTerminals, Data CollectionSensors & TransmittersSensors, TemperatureTest & MeasurementConverters, MeasurementTest, Measurement & Laboratory Equipment

The Labfacility L300 TC or Pt100 temperature alarm / on-off controller can be used in conjunction with a PC to provide accurate monitoring and alarm or on-off control of up to 8- zones simultaneously. It can also be used as a stand-alone instrument without the need for a PC. The PC software supplied with the instrument allows control, configuration, measurement, logging, charting, alarm & relay configuration and calibration functions via a PC. The in-built, self-calibration facility for the thermocouple version is a rapid and convenient method for on-site calibration and does not require any additional equipment other than a special, external link. Self-calibration of Pt100 ranges is equally simple and uses plug-in precision resistors.

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Catalogue SECULOK 2014 - Interverrouillage SECUMS INTERLOCKS

SafetyLocks, Safety

Avec SECULOK c’est la garantie de gestion de vos combinaisons de clés. SECULOK c’est aussi une gamme évolutive, qui permet à tout moment de modifier votre dispositif de sécurité en ajoutant des clés supplémentaires et ce, sans avoir à changer les serrures existantes. Certifié ISO 9001/2008 , en cours de certification suivant l’annexe X de la directive machine. Les produits SECULOK possèdent la marque CE et permettent de réaliser des installations conforme aux normes en vigueur tel que: EN13849-1.1;EN292,EN1088, ISO14121, EN62061.

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Catalogue Industrie 2014

Electromechanical ProductsFusesElectronics / Electro OpticsCircuit Boards

Catalogue pour les applications industrielles: Relais pour circuits imprimés, Relais industriels, Interfaces modulaires à relais, Supports et accessoires...

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Radio Modules

AutomationControlsNetworks, IndustrialIndustrial RobotsElectronics / Electro OpticsCircuit BoardsElectro-Optic EquipmentElectronic Supplies

Wireless Modules and wireless network solutions. - RF Transmitter module - RF Receiver module - RF Transceiver module - RF High Power Transceiver module - RF radio modem SENSØNET ARCHITECTURE SENSØNET is a 868MHz wireless network architecture developed for Lighting, Industrial Automation, Home/ Building Automation. Is composed by a Gateway and a series of Low Power Control and Measurement units (Sensor) connected at star, the Gateway and Control and Measurement unit are designed using different types of Radiocontrolli transceivers. Each Control and Measurement unit (Sensor) is characterized by a unique address "Sensor address" and “ a Gateway address” related to a Gateway that can communicate with it.

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Flyer PE4000B_2014_04

Computer Aided TechnologiesComputers

Highly compact IPC empowering your applications. This Series is new to the Pro-face product line-up and expands the offering to the entry level box IPC. The slim line up of only 6 models without BTO options does ease the selection of the right product and keeps the lead time at a minimum.

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Conrad Catalogo Business 2014

OtherOther catalogues

Abbiamo il piacere di presentarti la prima versione dedicata al mercato Italiano del prestigioso catalogo business Conrad. Un manuale tecnologico davvero completo e ampio in termini di categorie prodotto. Nel catalogo business 2014 in 1.500 pagine troverai una vasta selezione di prodotti tra i quali componenti elettronici, attivi e passivi, cavi e connettori, tutto quello che serve per l'installazione di sistemi di sorveglianza e automazione, prodotti per il laboratorio come strumenti di misura, saldatura rilavorazione e schede di progettazione e sviluppo, oltre a informatica e prodotti per ufficio e molto, molto altro ancora.

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Motors & DrivesFlangesHydraulics & PneumaticsValvesProcess & Thermal EquipmentAir Processing Equipment

Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Ball Valves, Gas Scrubbers, Skid Mounted Systems, Process Skids, Modular Process Skids, Fabrication, Skid Frame Fabrication, Pressure Reducing Skid, Pressure reducing station, Pipe Swivel Joints, Fluid Loading Arm, etc. website:

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brochure Val-po-ci

Hydraulics & PneumaticsComponents, Pneumatic

Val-po-ci offre componenti e soluzioni ad elevate prestazioni in ambito di: pneumatica, raccordi e tubi pneumatici, lubrificazione centralizzata, profili in alluminio, distribuzione aria, tecnologia del vuoto, valvole per il controllo dei fluidi, vibratori/orientatori, assi elettrici

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catalogo nippleria

Hydraulics & PneumaticsFittings

raccordi standard, accessori, silenziatori - raccordi calzamento - raccordi calzamento girevoli con molla - raccordi bicono - valvole scarico rapido - valvole a sfera mini - innesti rapidi - valvole a corsoio, con scarico, blocco di sicurezza, unidirezionali - collettori - ripartitori

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catalogo Azeta

Tools & MachinesLubricators

impianti di lubrificazione centralizzata, lubrificazione a bassa pressione a olio, lubrificazione a media pressione a olio/grasso fluido

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catalogo Sang-a

Hydraulics & PneumaticsComponents, Pneumatic

raccordi automatici ad innesto rapido, raccordi compatti, regolatori di flusso, giunti rotanti, raccordi di arresto, valvole di ritegno, valvole a sfera, valvole manuali, pistole, raccordi a calzamento e a ogiva, raccordi d'assemblaggio, tubi in poliuretano, silenziatori.

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Data AcquisitionData Loggers

The TR-71wf is a temperature data logger and the TR-72wf is a temperature/humidity logger. In addition to the basic features of T&D's standard data loggers such as battery operation and USB communication function*1, the TR-71wf/72wf supports communication with mobile devices and can be used without a PC. By using T&D WebStorage Service, a cloud service provided by T&D free of charge, it is possible to access stored data anytime from anywhere.

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